Entrepreneurial experience

As founders and entrepreneurs, we know what it takes to build a company from scratch. Teddy was part of the team building-up the fintech start-up CreditGate24, which is today the largest lending platform in Switzerland. Daniel has co-founded dakuro, an independent trading company for personal safety equipment that caters to the largest Swiss distributors.

Institutional background

We have a strong background in the institutional world with more than 30 years of combined experience in private equity and investment banking (including Partners Group, BNP Paribas). This gives us a deep corporate network that we leverage on behalf of our portfolio companies.

VC investment expertise

Since 2012, we have invested in 25 start-ups and were part of some of Switzerland’s most successful exits including MOVU (acquired by Baloise) and Bexio (acquired by Mobiliar). We have seen hundreds of pitchbooks and met hundreds of founders and entrepreneurs. Our experience allows us to identify the best teams and help them to grow.


Our History

We are passionate entrepreneurs and are grateful to work with so many successful founders of Swiss startups. Our team uniquely combines institutional investment expertise and entrepreneurial experience. We are deeply embedded in the Swiss startup eco-system and can generate proprietary investment opportunities. Our history started more than 20 years ago.


Our founders Daniel and Teddy meet for the first time during their studies at the University of St. Gallen (HSG).


Daniel and Teddy start their institutional careers at BNP Paribas and Partners Group.


Daniel and Teddy started to invest in start-ups. Before founding Spicehaus Partners, they privately invested in a total of 19 Swiss start-ups and were part of some of the largest exits in Switzerland, including Bexio (acquired by Mobiliar) and MOVU (acquired by Baloise).


Daniel founded the Swiss trading company dakuro GmbH, focusing on personal protective equipment (PPE).


Teddy built-up the Swiss fintech start-up CreditGate24, today the largest marketplace lending platform in Switzerland.


Daniel and Teddy founded Spicehaus Partners AG.


We launched our first institutional venture capital fund, the Spicehaus Funds SICAV – Spicehaus Swiss Venture Fund.


We initiated the first Spicehaus Gründerball, an exclusive event to celebrate successful Swiss founders – and the first of its kind in Switzerland.


To date, we have built a portfolio of 15 Swiss technology companies. We invest in the most innovative sectors such as fintech, proptech, big data, robotics and cybersecurity in Switzerland.


First closing of the Spicehaus Swiss Venture Fund II, with a continued strategy to invest in Swiss B2B technology companies.